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  1. What a year. On top of our usual workload, we were forced to relocate from our studio on Hatton Wall. We've now built an entire new studio in historic Clerkenwell, only 5 minutes from our old home.

    On top of that, and rather more pleasurably, we were named 'Trendsetters' by Professional Jeweller magazine in their Hot 100 for our work in design consultancy, wax-carving and prototyping. It's nice to get some recognition for all our hard work making others look good.


  2. Last year we have completed:-

    14 complete collections of various sizes for trade contacts.

    12 individual commissions for various designers; we haven't even thought about counting up the commissions for private clients.

    Won 3 awards and been shortlisted for a 4th.

    The most unusual events of the year were; seeing our work animated in a short film, having some of our work form the basis of a song and accompanying music video and creating a diorama for the inside of a snowglobe. The last one there definitely makes our Top Ten for unusual commissions.