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  1. 8 sawblades

    Sawblades: ordinary piercing saw-blades are prone to clogging when used with wax. So specialised saw-blades are required.

    Pictured from left to right are:-

    1) A coping saw-blade. The rough teeth are excellent for making large basic cuts into wax, when cutting a piece of a block for example. We used these a lot when more specilised blades were unavailable. Use in a coping saw, or to adapt for a piercing saw, snap the the ends off the blade to make it fit. Handy if you have no access to other saw-blades.

    2) A Skip-A-Tooth saw-blade. Every alternate tooth is missing, this prevents clogging, very good for finer sawing work.

    3) A spiral wax saw-blade. Similar to a normal saw-blade, but twisted into a spiral to eliminate clogging. Available in several different sizes. It's very coarse, so suitable for basic work similar to the coping saw blade.

    4) A regular piercing saw-blade. Heavy blades can be useful if you have no access to a Skip-A-Tooth. Just don't cut too quickly and stop regularly to remove wax from the teeth.